4 From newbie to a pro: How to start jogging

From newbie to a pro: How to start jogging

If you want to get in shape, clear your mind and feel good about yourself, you don’t need to buy an expensive course online, or get a coach for your life. Believe me, if you start jogging, the different lifestyle will reach you before you imagine it. Here you will find some advices to give your first steps, and break the ice of that social awkwardness, if there is one in you.

Getting ready

No one is born in shape. Some people have better genes than others, but everyone has to train their body to get speed, resistance and to get it used to go out and jog. The first time is always the hardest one. You have to go through that wall that goes from saying “I want to” to “I’m already doing it”. You don’t need all those branded items in your body, like the ones you see in people who already jog, but at some point, they may be really helpful, but we will get there soon.

What to wear

For the first time, use the most confortable clothes you own. And no, pajamas do not count. Use loose clothing if you need to, but the most important thing here are in your feet. Get sport shoes, any kind, and tie them tight. You are good to go now.

The first step

You may see other people wearing all those branded items in their bodies, but don’t get them in you yet. First things first, you have to go and make sure your body likes this new activity. And when do you know that? Well, once you finish the first run, you will. Make the first run of about 20 minutes, and don’t hurry. Once you start running, it has to feel like you can go faster, but just don’t. Ease your steps, and just keep going. Once you get to the end, you will feel so good that a smile will draw in you face by itself. And if you feel people could watch you, start your run in a place where you can be by yourself. Before you reach half the course, you won’t even care if someone’s watching you at all.

Going on

After the first day, if you’re not used to the activity, some parts of your body may hurt a little, but don’t worry, just keep going. If you decide to stop now until they don’t hurt anymore, the next time the pain will come back. The trick is to not lose continuity in the activity. Choose the best time for you to go out. Make sure every time you eat something healthy, like a nice breakfast or a fruit, wait 30 to 40 minutes, and just go. And don’t forget to walk a few meters every time you finish, and stretch. In a few days, you will be a pro, under control of your own body, and with a clear mind.